A Engineer by Profession specifically in field of semiconductors and passion to write  makes this author Sudipto Das  interesting … An alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, Das’ life experiences are manifold: his family left Bangladesh during the horrific riots and he heard many of the strife-torn stories during his growing up years in Calcutta, which had a profound influence on his first book. A veteran in the semi-conductor industry and a successful entrepreneur, Das always had a natural inclination towards the creative arts: an accomplished violinist, he founded the music band Kohal in 2007. However, his first love was always writing, which gave him creative satisfaction like no other art form could.

His literary journey began with The Ekkos Clan, that received much critical acclaim. The book was deeply rooted in ancient Indian history, linguistic paleontology, astronomy, archaeology, and the Rig Veda.

launch book cover

On conversation with Author Sudipto Das , It came to light that Author has been inspired by Indiana Jones series where r. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones Jr. is a title character and protagonist who is cool and looks history with new perspective .. Author says – Why is Indian History looks like Dusted … All Dust , No Fun in it … Archaeologist are portrayed as Old men Not as Cool Dudes jumpimg Bikes and smoking cigars …

Today When India is seeing violent protest for Historical Movie , Its quite Obvious we need Authors like Sudipto Das to change course of writing creative History .

Author Sudipto Das was very straight forward in making this poignant  statement , “Woman played a very important Role in Life , Hence Protagonist Khuba is a reflection of all those woman who made a impression on the Author’s mind  “.

Conversation became more interesting when we were served with KAHWA , Kashmiri Tea , Author narrated his stay in Agra to understand  Mughal architecture and Mathematics behind that Architecture which led to this Book “Aryabhata Clan” .Author mentioned , Though he did not plan , But series has developed with Ekkas to Aryabhatta …. Aryabhata clan  starts with a mention JNU campus , on this Author Sudipto Das said he has spend a lot of time at JNU campus and he loves the Campus for all it is and it was .

Aryabhata Clan is a bit mathematical  research which Author took into and then drafting into an intriguing story with well knit around cultures, ancestry and lineage. This is a story laden with a stench of revenge wiping generations of generations yet unveiling the roots and connections with the past. A strange story wherein the more we dig the past, the more we get into the future!


The Aryabhata Clan” is set in the 2019 .  It’s set against the backdrop of ISIS (the Islamic State) spreading its tentacles in India, penetrating stealthily into India’s academia, media, politics and the intellectual world. The mastermind is Shamsur Ali, a physicist from Bangladesh. He wants to create a sort of apocalypse, to destabilize India.

Someone resorts to a big deceit, in an effort to legitimizing the demolition of one of the most prominent historical structures, which a Hindu fanatic group believes has been constructed on the carcasses of an old Shiva temple and which, interestingly, is also in the hit list of the Islamic State. Afsar Fareedi, a linguistic paleontologist and the main protagonist of The Ekkos Clan, now in her mid-forties, catches the fraud. In the melee, there are three gruesome murders, including that of her father, in an attempt to eliminate all traces of a particular carpet which, Afsar discovers, has a lot hidden behind its mysterious motifs. The motifs, Afsar learns, happen to be a few millennia old. Incidentally Afsar’s father was associated with the making of the carpets with the mysterious motifs. Unknown to Afsar herself, her family seems to have preserved the carpet motifs for generations, for thousands of years, but with a heavy price.

Spanning across Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka the story involves deciphering more than thousand years old manuscripts written in the Prakrit languages of the time, innumerable cryptic symbols and ancient scripts, using digital epigraphy, paleography and linguistic paleontology. At the center is a verse composed by the maverick mathematician Aryabhata.

“The Aryabhata Clan” is also the poignant tale of the twenty year old Kubha, who does everything possible humanly, to save her country from a big disaster and protect a beautiful monument, while enduring the most inhuman ordeal of her life. It’s the story of her courage, intelligence and fortitude.

Kubha’s unusual relationship with Parush, almost a generation elder than her, makes her even more lovable to the reader. And the way such a relationship has written down , its makes that some Author fallen in Love with Protagonist Kubha … Some He has plotted her so much in himself , He is living her Life in the Creative Fiction .

Aryabhatta Clan in my view is perspective to align Mathematics and History which no Author has ever done …. Sudipto Das started this  new Trend in a country like India where History is seen in different perspective . Though India has been a country of Knowledge But that knowledge has been lost in all myths … Aryabhata Clan is synergy between knowledge we looking for which is has been versed in  VEDAS and which is hidden box of Pandora 





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